Constitution of the Harpersfield Historical Society

Article I


The name of this society shall be the Harpersfield Historical Society.


Article II

Mission Statement

The Society shall:

  1. Promote and encourage original historical research;
  2. Disseminate and encourage a greater knowledge of the history of the State of New York, Delaware County, and particularly the Town of Harpersfield and its environs;
  3. Gather, preserve, display and make available for study:  artifacts, relics, books, manuscripts, papers, photographs, and other records and materials relating to the history of the State of New York and particularly of the Town of Harpersfield and the surrounding area;
  4. Encourage the suitable marking of places of historic interest; and
  5. Acquire by purchase, gift, device, or otherwise the title to or the custody and control of historic sites and structures, and preserve and maintain such sites and structures.


Article III


Membership, as defined in the by-laws, shall be open to anyone interested in preserving the history of the Town of Harpersfield.

Membership fees shall be determined at the annual meeting.


Article IV


The annual meeting of the Society shall be held in June, the date and time to be determined at least 2 months prior.  The regular meetings will be held once each month.  The meetings will be published in the one of the local newspapers.


Article V

Officers and the Executive Committee

The officers shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, who shall be elected for a term of five years; and at least three or more Trustees, who shall be elected for a term of five years.  The four Officers and three or more Trustees shall be known as the Executive Committee.   Their number shall not be less than seven.  The Town Historian shall be a non-elected Trustee.


Article VI

Election of Officers and the Executive Committee

Section 1.  All Officers and three Trustees shall be elected by majority of votes cast by ballot at the annual meeting.


Section 2.  Not less than two months prior to the annual meeting, the Nominating Committee shall send to the Executive Committee a list of suggested officers and trustees that are up for election.  The Executive Committee shall put forth the suggested slate. Any member may nominate other candidates for any office prior to balloting at the annual meeting.  A candidate for election shall indicate their willingness to attend meetings and be an active member.


Section 3.  Officers and Trustees shall be installed at the close of the annual meeting at which they are elected and shall serve until their successors have been duly elected and installed.  In the event of resignation or incapacity of any officer except the President, the vacancy may be filled by a vote of the Executive Committee for the unexpired term of office.


Article VII

Distribution of Assets upon Dissolution

In the event of dissolution, the real property, buildings, land, and accounts associated with the address of 795 Colonel Harper Road, Harpersfield, NY   Tax #28.-2-32.2, shall be transferred to the Town of Harpersfield.  This responsibility was accepted by the Harpersfield Town Board at their November 12th, 2019 meeting.  All remaining assets shall be distributed according to the Society’s Collection Management Policy.


Article VIII


This Constitution may be amended at any regular or special meeting by a two-thirds vote of those voting, provided notice was given at the previous meeting; or it may be amended at a special meeting called for that purpose, with previous notice and a two-thirds vote.  All proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing.




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President                                             Vice-President


Amended 9/11/2019